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Skip Barber created the Lime Rock Drivers Club – private, members-only – in 2007 and in the strictest of terms, it is a club for drivers. Lots of track time, fully coached, at a fantastic, world-famous circuit.​

Today’s high-end sports cars are so good, so capable, there is simply no way to explore their limits on the street. As an owner of one or more such cars, how can you resist the opportunity to drive it as it’s meant to be driven? On one of the finest, best-known tracks in the world?​


The Club is an extended social gathering, a limited membership of racing and driving enthusiasts. Like-minded people who have a sophisticated appreciation of the depth and richness of Lime Rock’s history as well as the fun and satisfaction inherent in driving quickly, competently and safely.​ 

Four levels of membership available.  All inclusive.  

To Learn More about Lime Rock Drivers Club Membership Benefits Contact Simon Kirkby 
Email: Simon@limerockclub.com   |    Phone:  (248) 761-2729