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Today’s high-end sports cars are so good, so capable, there is simply no way to explore their limits on the street. Owners of such cars find it awfully hard to resist the opportunity to drive them as they’re meant to be driven. And almost equally importantly, when they want to. That’s what the Lime Rock Drivers Club is all about.

Ultimately, every Lime Rock Drivers Club  member becomes a really good high performance driver, many members want to take it further and go racing. This can be achieved in various ways, but the start for everyone is to get a racing license.  LRDC offers a 2 Day Licencing Program for members


For those that want a fun, lower cost, less time consuming format that doesn’t require a formal license, just a sign off by the Club Director.  Wherever they end up racing our mission for our rookies and existing members is to elevate them to be the best racers that they can be. 

Four levels of membership available.  All inclusive.  

To Learn More about Lime Rock Drivers Club Membership Benefits Contact Simon Kirkby 
Email:   |    Phone:  (248) 761-2729
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