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Every LRDC member becomes a really good high performance driver, many members want to take it further and go racing. This can be achieved in various ways, but the start for everyone is to get a racing license from one of about 15 recognized sanctioning bodies such as PCA, IMSA or SCCA, and starting in 2018...LRDC!  For more information about LRDC's 2 Day Race Licensing Program Click Here.


LRDC has its own race series for those that want a fun, lower cost, less time consuming format that doesn’t require a formal license, just a sign off by the Club Director.  Wherever they end up racing our mission for our rookies and existing members is to elevate them to be the best racers that they can be. 


Every wannabe or current racing member is pre-racing coached in the following essential skills.


  • Figuring out the correct racing line at any track

  • How to coordinate hands and feet (string theory)

  • Straight line braking

  • Trail braking

  • Steering the car by combining throttle with steering

  • Car control

  • Understanding flags

  • Racing rules

  • Mental approach


Of course there is far more to racing than just driving skills, everyone has questions about how to approach their first and subsequent races.  And although there is no substitute for first-hand experience, our club director Simon Kirkby is always ready and willing to answer questions or hold the hands of our members when needed, whether it be “what’s the right car and sanctioning body for me?” or "what is the right car set up?" or "what is my mental approach to racing?"