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LRDC is an officially sanctioned SCCA race driving school. LRDC Member Races count towards taking graduates from a Novice Permit to a Full Racing License.


​LRDC’s 2 Day Licensing Program is conducted with a professional coach sitting right seat at all times. 

LRDC's intense personal attention accelerates students proficiency to a higher level in a much shorter than typical time frame, and gives drivers more track time than any other school.  After completing the 2 Day Program approved drivers will receive credit for their SCCA Driver School and ONE event on their SCCA Novice Permit.

  Program Information
  • 2 Days, 16 hour program with a guaranteed 8 hours of track time

  • Private pro coach sitting right seat during every track session for instant feedback

  • Classroom and autocross in between track sessions 

  • Data download and analysis as well as video coaching 

  • Drivers must provide the car, whether their own or a rental (rental cars available)

  • Non-Member Fee $3000 ($1500 per day)

Did you know that you don't need a racing license to GET IN THE RACE with LRDC?

Check out LRDC's Member Madza Miata & MX5 Series.

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