No Entry Fee for LRDC Members

No Racing License Required for LRDC Members


Every Lime Rock Drivers Club  member becomes a really good high performance driver, many members want to take it further and go racing. This can be achieved in various ways, but the start for everyone is to get a racing license. 


For those that want a fun, lower cost, less time consuming format that doesn’t require a formal license, just a sign off by the Club Director.  Wherever they end up racing our mission for our rookies and existing members is to elevate them to be the best racers that they can be. 


Spec Miata Rules and Regulations 

Helmets must meet the minimum of Snell 2015 rating

Hans device required

Fire proof suits, gloves, shoes and socks

Fire bottles & fire systems up to date & full

Harnesses & seats up to date with proper functioning releases

All body panels secure & tight

Wheels & tires in good condition

Brake lights working

All cars must have transponders

Spec Miata and MX5 Racing

LRDC Spec Miata Races are held for Members of the Drivers Club.  It’s a great series to get your feet wet, to hone racing skills, and to have a lot of fun with your friends.  

Who is eligible?  LRDC members who hold a racing license issued by a recognized sanctioning body, or members who have been signed off by the club director.

What is included? Practice and qualifying sessions followed by races on both the Classic and the IMSA track configuration, a breakfast and lunch buffet, and awards ceremony. 

  • Spec Miatas will be scrutineered prior to race

  • Only tires used in national sanctioned events are allowed (Pirelli World Challenge, Battery Tender Series, etc.)

  • Cars that finish 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each class will be taken to parc ferme and inspected for compliance with SCCA Spec-Miata rules.

  • Proper SCCA Stamped Restrictor Plate (SM only, 38mm for cars 99-00 / 40mm for cars 01-05)

  • OEM Intake and Exhaust Manifolds


  • SCCA Legal Springs, Dampers, and ARBs (Bilstein or Penske Dampers, Eibach Springs and ARBs)

Tortoise & Hare Racing

Tortoise & Hare races are catch all races, all cars are welcome!

Sorry, this one is only open to LRDC members.    

  • Tire choice is free

  • Start time will be determined by qualifying times while factoring in your sandbagging quotient

  • Cars must meet the muffled day decibel requirement. Specifically, 88 dB or less

  • Stop and go penalty will apply for any car that initiates any contact, tbd by race director

  • No blocking allowed (rule explanation in drivers meeting)

  • Stop and go penalty for ignoring command flags

  • Exclusion for dangerous driving or repeated non-compliance with command flags

  • Cars will be required to pass tech prior to racing

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