Drive Your Car The Way It Was Meant To Be Driven

Four Full Hours, No Run Groups, In Car Coaching

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Your track day fee will be applied to your membership if you join The Club.
Advanced Solo Days Available

The reality is that no one joins LRDC without test driving us first.  So even though LRDC is private and for members only club, we welcome you for a one-time visit to see if the Club is a good fit for you and you are a good fit for the Club. 

On the track, Skip employs talented coaches, each with impeccable racing and teaching credentials: Adam Burrows, Elivan Goulart, Don Drislane and Jonathan Goring.  Led by Simon Kirkby, an internationally renowned driver coach, their focus is on private, one-on-one coaching. 


This is hugely important. This is what changes everything. This is why you get a lot more confident, faster, better, guaranteed. What could be more fun?  All you need to bring is your fast car, we provide everything you need to be on-track within thirty minutes of your arrival. 


Never Been on Track Before?  No Problem...

After sign in, one of our professional coaches will give you an on-track orientation.  Your coach for the day will sit right seat teaching you advanced driving skills while guiding you safely to ever greater speeds.  There will be breaks between your sessions, time to absorb the lessons learned and discuss advanced techniques. 

What’s Included?

  • Liability Insurance

  • Professional Private In-Car Coaching

  • Four Hours of Open Track Time

  • Catered Meals

  • Share your day with a friend or a spouse for an additional $150

Please see Track Day Policies  for car and driver requirements. Track Day insurance is recommended for those driving their own cars, and can be purchased through Open Track, Lockton Affinity Motorsports, Hagerty HPDE, or your local provider.

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Tuesday Track Day

Novice, Intermediate, Advance Drivers



Friday Track Day

Novice, Intermediate, Advanced Drivers



Saturday Track Day

Novice, Intermediate, Advance Drivers



Advanced Solo Track Day

Racing License Required


For more information contact the Club Administrator
by phone at (860) 435-5000 x 104 or email by